How to Block Porn Websites on Your Computer

Pornography can be a huge distraction, especially for people who spend a lot of time on the internet. What starts as harmlessly watching porn every once in a while can quickly turn into a daily habit, and from there it can explode into an uncontrollable addiction where every waking moment is consumed by the desire to get back to those dark corners of the internet. For students staying up late to write a paper or professionals who work from home, a lapse in concentration can easily turn into “If I just watch some porn real quick, I can regain my focus…” Though that may work temporarily, porn can be like a cigarette- satisfying the craving is effective in the moment, but it’s inevitable that the craving will later return- and it will be stronger than ever.

Are You Addicted to Porn?

Many people aren’t even aware that they’ve become addicted to pornography. In your own life, think about if you’ve let porn distract you from important things that you need to do. Consider if porn has affected your sex life- people who watch too much porn are less likely to go out and meet new people or engage in sex with their current partners- and think strongly about the fact that even this article may have sparked that interest to go watch porn right now. If you haven’t opened a new tab yet, don’t. The addiction can be overcome if you take the proper steps and truly want to know how to block porn websites.

Installing Porn Blocker Software

The first step in overcoming your addiction is to learn how to block porn websites on your computer or mobile phone. There are many different programs and applications out there that can help with this, the best of which will be discussed below. It’s important to realize first that if you make the decision to block pornography from your computer, you’re already most of the way towards recovery from your addiction. Blocking porn websites will not remove your cravings, but it will remove your ability to watch porn. Many people will subconsciously open a new tab and start typing “” before they even realize what they’re doing, but blocking software will prevent even the unaware addicts from accessing the site- in addition to every other porn site on the web.

The Best Porn Blocker

If you want to learn how to block porn websites, then you’re going to want to know about Net Nanny & Qustudio software. We reviewed in in our Top 5 Best Parental Control Software guide. This software is the best out there when it comes to blocking the websites that you feel you should stay away from. While there are highly effective free services such as Norton Online Family Premier and Qustodio, Net Nanny gives you an unprecedented level of control when choosing the content to filter out of your internet searches. For example, it can block all of the erotic content on a short story website, which is something that those free products can’t do.