Net Nanny vs. Qustodio

Which One is Best for Blocking Pornography?

Whether you’re trying to get rid of a porn addiction or simply want to protect your kids from some of the darker corners of the internet, installing porn blocking software is going to be a big help. With so many options on the market, though, which one is right for you? Two of the biggest names in the porn blocking world are Net Nanny and Qustodio, but if you’re trying to choose between them, you may be confused as to what one offers over the other. This comparison should help you out.


Net Nanny

 Background: Net Nanny was developed by ContentWatch, an internet-based company dedicated to providing the best in parental control software. ContentWatch has been in business since 2001 and provides internet filtering solutions to over a million individuals and businesses in 135 different countries.

Key Features: Net Nanny provides filtering and blocking, activity recording, and reporting and notification features, each of which will be examined in detail below.

 1. Filtering and Blocking: Net Nanny allows you to choose to blacklist specific websites and will automatically block other websites for you simply based on their URL. It also allows you to white-list websites, meaning if you only need your computer to access Gmail and Facebook, for instance, it will block you from accessing any other website. If using the software to block content for multiple children in different age ranges, it lets you set up user profiles with different restrictions. Net Nanny is also the only software that can block specific words, phrases or images from a page instead of blocking the entire page.

 2. Activity Recording: Net Nanny does not record keystrokes, but it does keep a record of all websites visited and searches performed, even if a visit to a blocked website is attempted.

3. Reporting and Notification: Admin features for Net Nanny are cloud-based, which means you can access the program from any internet capable device, even if it’s not the one being filtered. You can choose to receive email notifications at regular intervals or even set up text notifications to get an instant update on the internet activity of a filtered device.

4. Ease of Use: Net Nanny is incredibly easy to use, with a detailed installation wizard that guides you through the entire set up process so that you can make the most of all the features that the program offers. Help and support is always just a couple of clicks away, so even if you do have a problem or question, it can easily be taken care of.

5. Porn-Specific Capabilities: Net Nanny categorizes websites in real time, meaning it can block a new porn website the moment that it’s created. It can also determine the connotation of certain words such as “breast” (chicken breast vs. breast augmentation) and block sites accordingly.

 6. Price: Net Nanny is only $28.99 a year, but certain features require the Net Nanny Social add on, which is an additional $19.99 a year (though the first year is free).



 Background: Available in six different languages, Qustodio is both a program and a company dedicated to providing the best in parental control software to users all over the world.

Key Features: To keep things fair, we looked at the same features that were examined in the Net Nanny review- filtering and blocking, activity recording, and reporting and notification. Details examined below.

1. Filtering and Blocking: Qustodio offers nearly identical filtering and blocking features compared to Net Nanny, with the option to blacklist and white-list sites in addition to providing you with countless filtering options including drugs, nudity, gambling, violence, etc… simply click which ones you want blocked and the software will do the rest. You can also set time limits on internet usage.

2. Activity Recording: Again, individual keystrokes cannot be recorded with Qustodio, and it provides similar features to Net Nanny- websites visited and searches performed will be recorded, but unlike the base version of Net Nanny, Qustodio lets you monitor Facebook activity such as status updates, pictures and more.

3. Reporting and Notification: Qustodio is browser-based, meaning you log into your account via website rather than through the software. Summary activity reports are sent via weekly email, and you can set up immediate email alerts if access to a blocked site is attempted but there is no text notification feature. However, Qustodio is unique in that it allows you to set up a “panic” feature on any Android smartphone, which is a button that can be pressed to give you the immediate emergency location of the phone.

4. Ease of Use: Qustodio is incredibly easy to use, with clear, concise instructions and walk-throughs that inform you about all of the many features that the software provides. Help is always just a few seconds away and there are in-depth FAQs that should answer any questions that you may have.

5. Porn-Specific Capabilities: Qustodio categorizes pages in real time just like Net Nanny, though it lacks the ability to determine the connotation of specific words. It is, however, a more strict tool for blocking porn, as it will block entire pages if just one word raises a red flag.

 6. Price: The core features of Qustodio are free, while the premium package costs $44.95 a year.

Overall Scores

Both Net Nanny and Qustodio were rated on a 10 point scale to determine which porn blocker was the best. The following table shows how each one fared:

 Net NannyQustodio
Overall Features9.59
Filtering and Blocking109
Activity Recording99
Reporting and Notification109
Specific Porn Blocking Capabilities1010
Our side by side comparison of the two parental control softwares

Final Verdict

Both Net Nanny and Qustodio are excellent for blocking porn and other mature content, but Net Nanny has a slight advantage just due to its text notifications, ability to determine the connotation of individual words, and the ability to individually block specific words instead of blocking the whole page.

Still, the base package for Qustodio is free, so it’s definitely the budget choice, but if you have money to spend and are truly serious about your porn blocking and filtering software, you can’t go wrong with Net Nanny.